Singo is played like Bingo, except the cards have names of songs in the squares of the special cards I supply. I play part of a song on my CD player, and everyone sings along. Then I tell them the title of the song. If the players find the song on the card, they put a chip on the square. I play several different games, and when someone fills in the squares for the game we are playing, they yell out “BINGO”. The player names off the songs for that game and I see if they match what I’ve played. If they do, that person wins a small prize. You can supply the prizes, or I can for a small additional fee.singo


I now have THREE versions of Singo…., Oldies but Goodies, Mitch Miller and Christmas! I am also working on a Rock and Roll version too, which will have a lot of great songs from the 50’s.

I have 36 cards, so if you go beyond that number of players, some people “double up” with one card. The game is a lot of fun because the songs are very nostalgic. Around 4 or 5 games can be played in an hour or so. Players that are pretty alert can find their own songs and put the markers on the card. Some players might need some assistance from staff members.

The price for Singo  would be the same as what I charge for a singing show, with a small additional fee tacked on for prizes if I need to supply them.

See the game in action. Watch the video!

If you are interested in trying out this exciting and fun game, please give me a call to see what dates and times I have available.

Dianne Chavarria
(951) 245-0049

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